Boticas ParK


The  "Boticas Park - Nature e Biodiversity" is located in county from Boticas and covers the parishes of Vilar, Codessoso e Beça it´s the access it is made by Regional Road 311. The fast  connection to the A24 motorway gives you good access, both from Spain (Galicia) and Northern Portugal.

Park Iit is crossed by Beça river, which presents a vast riparian forest, between an area that, despite its natural evolution, needed a recovery, with regeneration of the natural vegetation cover, mainly oak and shrub / bush formations. The area is preserved, ensuring their natural and landscape value, with special care in the protection of habitats with enormous natural value (floristic, fauna and fungi).

Having as an intervention area the old Forest Nurseries of Relva, with approximately 60 hectares, the creation of this Park contemplated the construction of infrastructures and support equipment , in order to make possible the direct management of habitats and species, the visitation of space, awareness and involvement of citizens, dissemination and communication of results obtained and the promotion, conservation and valorization of the natural heritage, with the consequent maintenance of biodiversity.

Thus, associated biodiversity and nature with knowledge and innovation, thus presenting itself as an important active nucleus in the promotion of conservation and preservation of the environment, in close articulation with the citizens.

The infrastructures created and the activities to be developed allow the public to get in touch with nature and with the population.  The space has a vast natural and built heritage and the pedagogical and scientific components, are meeting the conditions to make Boticas Park an attractive space and a great place to visit.

Take a deep breath, feel the nature!

Contact with Nature

The space offers a simple area where you can walk quietly in the nature and know the various equipment of the park, highlighting:

  • Mills
  • Stable with animals
  • Aromatic field
  • Hen house
  • Butterfly house
  • Amphibian tank
  • Picnic park and  playground
  • Fishing Park
  • Walking routes

Guided visits to Boticas Park have a cost of € 20 for groups until 10 people, more than 10 people add € 2 per person.

Services and Ativities

Boticas ParK offers various activities to those who visit us, the offer of the activities available is the responsibility of the Celtiberus Environmental and Cultural Association.

  • Guided and interpretive tours
  • Organized walks for groups
  • Regional merenda and cultural itineraries
  • Bike renting
  • Kayak renting in Beça river
  • Tree climbing
  • Sport trout fishing
  • Night walks
  • Nature observation

Sport Fishing Park

In this space is made the production of fario  trout,a fish species of high ecological importance with the aim of repopulating the rivers with this autochthonous species, the production also serves to promote a characteristic activity of the region, the sport fishing.

Visitors can enjoy sport fishing with the family.

  • Fishing material available free
  • Open March to  September all the weekends
  • Open  July and August daily 
  • Schedule: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. /  02:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Cost 4.5 € / kg of fish caught. This sport fishing activity is the responsibility of the Celtiberus Association.


Two accommodation facilities are available for families or groups of friends who wish to spend a few days in contact with nature. Typology T1 and T2 with equipped kitchen and living room allow to enjoy all the comforts of a modern house installed in a natural space privileged - the Boticas Park.


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